Saturday, July 19, 2014

Working at Home 

I'm not a big fan of working from home, mainly because I'm too easily distracted. I am often overcome by the need for a nap or a snack, resisting the former but not the latter. I start wondering what Oprah is up to, and now that she has her own network, she's always up to something. I love Oprah. Also, I live on a busy street and become interested in the activities of passers-by. I have a small house without an office. So I usually do my work from the dining room table or in an armchair in the corner of my living room. None of these things is particularly conducive to concentration and focus. One thing I do like about working from home, though, is seeing the lengths Snowcone will go to in order to ensure that he's within arm's reach. This photo shows what I mean (in more ways than one - note empty snack package upper left). There are beds, a couch, chairs - all sorts of comfortable perches - but he's spending the afternoon on an end-table that's too small for him. But it is right next to my chair. Pretty cute. Although it could be that he is also wondering what Oprah is up to, and I'm the one with the remote.

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