Saturday, September 6, 2014

Reasons To Be Thankful

The good news is that Snowcone does not have cancer. A biopsy of his mouth showed a return of the condition he has that can inflame his gums, and possibly some precancerous cells, but no cancer. He'll have to undergo steroid treatments to reduce that inflammation. But, fortunately, he's got some of his nine lives left. Cats have a natural stoicism and, while that's a quality that I greatly admire, it's not one that I share. During this time of uncertainty about Snowcone's health, I have leaned on some animal-loving friends for comfort. And it strikes me that I've been so fortunate to know people who are true champions of these vulnerable animals. One of them is my friend Kristi, who was really Snow's first friend. She took me to the cat shelter where he lived and for a time we both volunteered there. I've been thinking about the first time I went with her to the shelter. I just sat on the couch and played with the cats, while she worked around us. As she took care of their needs, you could see them relaxing and becoming less afraid. She always looked out for Snowcone, who was sickly and picked on by the other cats. She's a kind soul and sadly, her beloved cat Abby passed away last week after a long life filled with love and adventure. I've also been thinking about my friend Linda, who died of leukemia a year ago. She found good homes for so many dogs in need and was such a loving companion to her own pets. This is such a dangerous time in the world at large and it's good to be reminded that in the midst of all this craziness there are local heros, people who work in their own quiet way to bring comfort and joy to innocent beings.

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